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Carlson Homestead

Decorative Inspirational, Faith-Based Sticker

Decorative Inspirational, Faith-Based Sticker

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Showcase your faith with this decorative sticker. This sticker is created with an original quote from myself which says, "I cannot claim to be a good Christian: My only boast is that I serve a really, really, REALLY good God!" This rectangular sticker measures 3" tall by 2.393" wide.

As I journey through my Christian walk, I am faced daily with my own shortcomings. While I do my very best to glorify my God with my life, I see so strongly some of the many areas where I fall so short of God's standard for what qualifies as a "Good person." The thing that gives me encouragement is the reminder that being a Christian isn't about what a good person I am, but rather, what a good God I serve!

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