About Carlson Homestead

Hello and welcome to Carlson Homestead! I'm so glad you decided to pop in and visit us today. My name is Stephanie Carlson, and Carlson Homestead is the fruition of my lifelong dream: my very own homestead.

I have always loved the country lifestyle; and I'll take any chance I get to learn how to make something myself, rather than buying it! My passions are many, and I'm incorporating many of them here in this website. 

First and foremost, I am a passionate Child of Christ, and I strive to reflect God's love in every area of my life. I'm also a wife, and have always wanted to spend my time at home; unfortunately, the rising cost of living demands that I find a way to bring in an income while I'm at home, so here I am! 

My husband, Andy, and I live in Berthoud, Colorado. We are blessed to be able to rent a little house from my parents on about 2.5 acres, where we have a garden, horses, dogs, cats, and even a rabbit!

Join me on my journey through life as I learn how to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I plan on sharing with you as I learn awesome recipes and food prep tips, food preservations, gardening, budgeting, crafts and DIY, animal care, and more! 

In my shop, you will find a variety of products that I put together myself, and you'll probably see some of my mom's handiwork here, too... She's an amazing quilter!

I'm also a member of a few direct sales companies for products that I believe in, and will include some information and product reviews for those items as well.

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey - I hope you're blessed by your visit here!